The new SHERCO FACTORY adjustable suspension linkage system has been developed to vary the progressiveness of the rear suspension, making the bike more stable when riding fast and provide improved control in curves.It also allows the saddle height of the motorcycle to be varied by ± 3 cm. – Sold as a kit with a pair of standard 0 mm inserts +6 additional positions (SZ1 / SZ2 / SZ3) allowing the position to be adjusted from +1 to -1 mm (SZ1) / +2 to -2 mm (SZ2) / +3 to -3 mm (SZ3).– Varies the saddle height from ± 0 to 3 cm allowing the motorcycle to be lowered or raised– The link includes improved needle bearings and O-rings (different from the original part)– Machined from a billet of 6082 T6 aluminum


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