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The newly remastered Gen 3 Radiator Guards by Bullet Proof Designs include all the benefits of the Gen 2 but ramped up a few notches with improved reinforced side impact protection and exclusive Butyl Rubber Strap mounting system for added protection to the radiator shrouds. These straps have been tried and tested by our top support riders in Enduros, Hare Scrambles and Desert Races all over the world and have held up to the most gnarly conditions! You still have the option of mounting the shrouds using tradition rigid method. Consistently our inclusive side wing design protects the vulnerable radiator shroud mounting tabs. If the tabs are hit during even a minor tip over, several rows of the radiator core may be damaged. The wing design prevents that damage from occurring. No other brands offer this protection. It's a Bullet Proof Designs exclusive. 

Bullet Proof Designs GEN III Radiator Guards

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